Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Cyrene TT weapons and armors pics and info

Condition limit: 50%
Eco calculations are aproximated, I'm not entirely sure about them.

S.I. Psy-Sword
Decay: 1.920 pec
Dps: 2.2 dmg/sec
Eco: 2.890625 dmg/pec

S.I. Psy-Blade
Decay: 0.970 pec
Dps: 4.1 dmg/sec
Eco: 2.86082474 dmg/pec

S.I. Combat Knife
Decay: 1.215 pec
Dps: 4.1875 dmg/sec
Eco: 2.85493827 dmg/pec

S.I. HK110
Decay: 0.490 pec
Cost: 0.490 pec decay + 0.480 pec weapon cells = 0.97 pec
Dps: 3.35 dmg/sec
Eco: 2.86082474 dmg/pec

S.I. Assault Pistol

Decay: 0.244 pec
Cost: 0.244 pec decay + 0.730 pec weapon cells = 0.974 pec
Dps: 4.15 dmg/sec
Eco: 2.84907598 dmg/pec

S.I. Flamethrower
Decay: 0.610 pec
Cost: 0.610 pec decay + 0.600 pec blp pack = 1.21 pec
Dps: 5.1875 dmg/sec
Eco: 2.86673554 dmg/pec


S.I. First Aid Pack
Decay: 5.000 pec
Hps: 6 heal/sec
Eco: 3.6 heal/pec


Planet Cyrene PVP Token System

We are excited to share with the community something that we have been working on for 4 years now.

We are introducing the PVP Token System exclusively on Planet Cyrene. What this means is, that you will be able to log onto Planet Cyrene and go to our PVP Hub. From there you can purchase PVP entry tokens to enter one of 3 arenas, each with two different entry costs. Each arena has a different entry cost and gives a different type of reward token for each PVP kill.

All of the arenas require specific weapons and armor that may only be used in the Arenas, and will not be allowed outside of the arenas, or on any other planet. This also means that none of the existing weapons on either Cyrene or in the Entropia Universe will work in these arenas. When you collect the PVP tokens, you can trade them in for different items available at the rewards token NPC Quartermasters. There you can purchase unique weapons and items that will add flavor to the PVP experience.
One important thing to note about the arenas is that skills are all reset or increased so that they are equal. This means that everyone starts with the same set of PVP skills and Health. Another important feature is that the run speed has been increased to maximum speed but there are weapons that can have different effects on your movement.

Lastly, we would like to mention that once in the arena you can only claim victory of the reward token if you have done the most damage to the other player. Meaning:
• if you have done most of the damage to another player
• you are killed before you finish them off
• they do not heal and someone else quickly kills them
• you still receive the reward token for your efforts

The tokens themselves also have a PED value. Meaning, that if you are skilled enough, you can actually come away with tokens that far exceed the amount you invest into the entry tokens, which in turn makes this a truly unique way of earning PED in Entropia Universe.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Radioactive First Impression of Cyrene

So Cyrene just finished coming out and everyone made the mad dash to the new planet as soon as the servers went back online. And with many... Every other release of anything in EU it was confronted by a barrage of complaints from the very (constructively) critical player base. It's cool, opinions are what make this universe go round, or something along those lines. So here I am to give you all my opinion based on my first impression of Planet Cyrene.

When I first entered the planet, I noticed that it was actually running smoother than I expected. Especially with the huge group of players gathered at the starting point that would usually lag the hell out of my Mac. I didn't crash at all except for one instance that I'll get to later. One of the first things that I noticed was that we started with all the TP's on the map. Not something that most other planets do, but hey it makes exploring cheaper and faster. There are some strange particle effects over a lot of the camps which cause lag and don't really do much. They do look kinda cool tho. The TT weapons look pretty nice. They don't use much ammo, have high rates of fire, but decay fast. You can buy a flamethrower at the TT that I haven't used, but I saw someone else using it. I never would have expected a flamethrower... The TT armour doesn't have the greatest stats but looks great. I expect the uber armour and guns to look sweet as well. The terminals look pretty cool too.

I started looking for quests right away. For a planet based on story telling there aren't much but I read somewheres that this isn't the full release of Cyrene. One of the quests told me to go but an item from the TT, a something scorpion, which from what I could see doesn't exist... Maybe I'm just blind. But that's just one quest. The other ones I found were introductions to mining and hunting. I can't wait until they start releasing there feature quests/stories. They seem to be building up for something nice.

Once I was done talking to all the NPC's at the starting camp I started going down the TP list one by one to see what this planet has to offer. Most of the places look great. Well modelled landscapes and shorelines give each island it's own atmosphere. There's an island up northeast if I remember correctly that has a old style city in it. I forget what the TP name is but anyways. I did a bit of running around in it and was glad to see a place that resembled an actual city for once in EU! It even has a coliseum in it. I hope to see that turned to a pvp arena or something. I think they did a great job with that city and a good job overall. A bit more exploring brought me to picturesque waterfalls, dark gloomy caverns, a volcano, beautiful beaches, and much more landscape than I have the time or patience to write about. Good level design is an important part of a good game.

A few strange things that I noticed.

You can swim in the volcano's lava pit, and if you swim to the bottom you can actually walk around on the bottom of the pit. It may be cool to see strange volcano mobs that live in the lava, where you can only hunt them if you have armour that protects against burns to enter the lava.

One of the TP's has a group of huge yellow spheres floating over it. You can fly up to them and with a little handy work you can actually fly inside them. I'm not sure what there for, but there is some land with trees inside. It looks kinda like the floating islands off the movie avatar...

One of the TP's has the thickest spawn of mobs that I've ever seen. If you had the misfortune of going there you may have ran into some problems. At first I thought it would be a perfect place to death skill since all the mobs are around the revive terminal. But it is at this point that my game started crashing. I could'n even stay on long enough on safe mode to get away. I eventually spawned my Sleipinir and flew away. They might want to re design that TP.

One of the TP's. Forgotten Hill. Is out in the ocean and actually doesn't exist. You can't TP there from an other TP and if you swim there you wont find anything at all. Even if you swim to the bottom of the ocean. I guess they forgot forgotten hill :P

All the mobs are low level. They like everything else look pretty cool. it seems like you can kill most of them with an Opalo and some pixie armour. Even the really big mobs don't go over level 11. That's actually good for someone like me. Or maybe I didn't explore enough to find the tough mobs.

One of the bad things I noticed about the mobs it that they used some mob sounds from Planet Calypso. Common guys, get your own sounds. Some of the humanoid mobs actually use avatar emote sounds from what I seen.

The camps are filled with cool looking machines and vehicles. Hopefully we will have drivable models in the future.

In the end Planet Cyrene is a really nice looking place with not much to do on just yet. Hopefully there not to long with releasing all those quests and stories that the planet is supposed to be based on. I'm really hoping for big interactive quests ranter than the same old kill 100 of these things for a token crap that they have everywhere else.

Anyways that's my first impression of the place. It's not 100% bad, and I wouldn't label it as a failure. I'll give it a 60% grade. Not bad compared to most of my high school years XD But I would like you hear you opinions. Please post if I missed something, or if something I said was totally wrong.

Nicolas Radioactive d'Entremont

Monday, April 23, 2012

FREE Warpflights to Cyrene at launch on Dreadnought mothership!

Here is a free offer to get to Planet Cyrene on the launch date:

Giuliano adm Noooo: "I would announce that Dreadnought mothership will offer a number of warps to Cyrene the day of its launch.

Price: free, or better, what you feel to offer

How to join? Just add me to your Friend List ingame (Giuliano adm Noooo) and send me a pm if interested.

All the passengers will be added to the Dreadnought Guest List the day before of Launch.

The launch day (from immediatly after VU) Dreadnought will warp from Calypso to Cyrene all times needed to take you all there"

Dreadnought is one of the 18 total motherships in Entropia Universe, and

it is the highest sized vehicle existing. The motherships are fast and extremely large vessels that can take both crew and many passengers.

Warp speed flights is one of the most used and appreciated feature available on Dreadnought.
With a Warp jump is possible to teleport the mothership to the far places in space in few seconds.
Crew members have access to a large number of scheduled flights, over joining all VIP flights provided by the ship.
It is possible in this way to travel safe and fast between planets as many times needed during time of subscription.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Planet Cyrene release date postponed

There was no real release date announced, but Cyrene team was aiming for Q1 2012 and this means 13 of March 2012. But as it often happens with today video games, the release date was delayed. In Saturday there was post by Planet Cyrene Creative Director Ed Robles III explaining the situation:
"Hello everyone, just want to get an update out on the release date. Our goal was indeed to launch first quarter (March) to coincided with GDC and press we had lined up. Unfortunately we are going to readjust our release date for launch of Planet Cyrene. Our next big media window would be Comic Con in San Diego held in July. We might shoot for a soft launch until then though so please stay tuned as this will be decided soon. If we do decide to do a soft launch it will be May 1st. If not then it will be closer to late June which is closer to the Comic Con event. No matter what though we will begin to roll out a lot more as the weeks go by. You will see the trailer, media coverage, official storyline released, and updates on weapons, armor and information on just what makes Planet Cyrene so unique. I will update this thread soon with more information and details this coming week. Have a great weekend."
While this is bad news for all players that were planning to fly to Cyrene next week including me, this news also has bright side:
-First this gives more time for bug testing and implementing more missions, which will result in more satisfied new players and this will result in less leaving the game players making the game more fun to play.
-And this will allow more time so all Calypso Land Deeds can be sold. If Planet Cyrene launches now, before all CLDs are sold, there is risk that people won't play much on the new planet and just save their PEDs to buy more deeds. Maybe even this is the reason the planet is not released now - MindArk or Cyrene team are waiting for CLDs to be sold, so the planet can start with full power and players can use all their free PEDs to go there and play.
The bad part for Planet Cyrene is the chance that people that were planning to go to Cyrene now and live there may decide not to wait and just start playing now on other planet. But two or four months more are not that long time, so lets wait patiently and see how the planet goes. In that time there will be more screenshots and stories from the game players to see and read.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Preparing to colonize Planet Cyrene

I helped a lot the citizens of planet Calypso by killing endless armies of enemy robots and dangerous creatures roaming the planet. But since Calypso scientists discovered that there is new planet in the universe that can support life I was thinking about going there and help poor people that are too weak to fight the Turrelions, the Duster Gang, Zekkonians, Tanhok, Zik, Imperium, Bile Jellyworm, Dust Devil, Empis, Fenris, Hackfin, Horned Bird, Korok, Merfolken, Muckjaw, Paneleon, Plains Skyshatter Robot, Razerhorned Whiskerfish and God knows what dangerous creatures are hiding on that planet.
The release date will be announced every moment and it will probably be in March 2012 so there is no time and I must be ready to fly at any time.
One way to fly to planet Cyrene is with my VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) or Sleipnir is the official name. The problem is it is very slow and pirates can take me down and shoot me in space and slow my crusade.
This is why it is better to buy some faster flying vehicle like the Quad-Wing Interceptor or "Quad" for short. It is very fast and I can avoid the space pirates with it and I can even bring one more avatar with me.
But then I sow this offer by John Black Knight. You can prebook a flight to Cyrene just for 5 PEDs and you get the opportunity to see a mothership from inside and meet other avatars that are going to Cyrene. Sounds like great offer to me. The mothership is class Aniara and the name is Normandie.
Preparing for my life on planet Cyrene I was thinking of buying few unlimited ore finder, some unlimited armor and enough limited weapons to be able to survive the first few months until there are enough weapons and armors looted and placed on the auction so I can buy or loot them. But then I realized that playing on planet Cyrene with guns and armor from planet Calypso is going to ruin the feeling of the planet and my gameplay. So I decided to sell everything I have that is made on Calypso and go to planet Cyrene just like new player born on Cyrene will be. Just with more skills. And instead of buying Quad-Wing Interceptor like everyone else I will save me PEDs and by Cyrene vehicles.