Monday, March 5, 2012

Planet Cyrene release date postponed

There was no real release date announced, but Cyrene team was aiming for Q1 2012 and this means 13 of March 2012. But as it often happens with today video games, the release date was delayed. In Saturday there was post by Planet Cyrene Creative Director Ed Robles III explaining the situation:
"Hello everyone, just want to get an update out on the release date. Our goal was indeed to launch first quarter (March) to coincided with GDC and press we had lined up. Unfortunately we are going to readjust our release date for launch of Planet Cyrene. Our next big media window would be Comic Con in San Diego held in July. We might shoot for a soft launch until then though so please stay tuned as this will be decided soon. If we do decide to do a soft launch it will be May 1st. If not then it will be closer to late June which is closer to the Comic Con event. No matter what though we will begin to roll out a lot more as the weeks go by. You will see the trailer, media coverage, official storyline released, and updates on weapons, armor and information on just what makes Planet Cyrene so unique. I will update this thread soon with more information and details this coming week. Have a great weekend."
While this is bad news for all players that were planning to fly to Cyrene next week including me, this news also has bright side:
-First this gives more time for bug testing and implementing more missions, which will result in more satisfied new players and this will result in less leaving the game players making the game more fun to play.
-And this will allow more time so all Calypso Land Deeds can be sold. If Planet Cyrene launches now, before all CLDs are sold, there is risk that people won't play much on the new planet and just save their PEDs to buy more deeds. Maybe even this is the reason the planet is not released now - MindArk or Cyrene team are waiting for CLDs to be sold, so the planet can start with full power and players can use all their free PEDs to go there and play.
The bad part for Planet Cyrene is the chance that people that were planning to go to Cyrene now and live there may decide not to wait and just start playing now on other planet. But two or four months more are not that long time, so lets wait patiently and see how the planet goes. In that time there will be more screenshots and stories from the game players to see and read.

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